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What We Do

Programs & Services

We offer a wide range of programs and services to meet the needs of those affected by our cause.

We help them and their families by providing programs, information and resources to assist in their journey. We also help by raising awareness through public outreach and media.

  • Financial Literacy Program

    The objective of this program is to make youth aware of financial literacy resources before they take on student loans, cell phone plans, credit cards or other financial obligations. Students benefit from learning how to set financial goals, avoid debt and prepare a monthly spending plan as they identify ways to decrease spending and increase income.

  • Toastmasters Youth Leadership Program [Learn Public Speaking Skills]

    Sponsored and conducted by Toastmasters International and its local clubs, Youth Leadership helps young people build their communication and leadership skills so they may become tomorrow’s leaders in business, industry and the community.
    Participants learn to:

    •Overcome nervousness when speaking before an audience.
    •Organize and present ideas logically and convincingly.
    •Listen carefully to others’ ideas.
    •Offer advice to help others improve their speaking and leadership skills.
    •Participate in – and even lead – group discussions or meetings.

  • Teen Advisory Board (T.A.B.)

    The Teen Board is a body of diverse teens that are leaders in their schools and communities. This strategy allows us to teach leadership skills that provide vision and direction for any successful enterprise. There will be opportunity to plan and implement community service projects. The character and quality of its leadership will determine its rise and fall. Potential Board members will be identified from schools, community, care groups, as well as from individuals contacted by members of the Teen Board and the Board of Trustees. Board members will be from 11 years to 18 years of age. After completion of high school, retiring board members will be considered as Emeritus members and advisors.

  • Education and Training Program

    The objective of this program is to connect students to summer and year-around employment opportunities and prepare them for career development and provide supportive services as they prepare for college.

    College Readiness Program
    • Benefits students grades 7-12 [Ages: 12-18]
    • Provides useful information, guidance, and resources, including the 4 keys to career and college readiness, by David T. Conley.
    • Provides an open dialogue opportunity for students to share and learn as they prepare for college.
    • Survey students to help him/her choose their career path.
    • Introduce a college student to the class, allowing Q & A.
    • Review six topics as students plan to apply and attend a college, pursue their career goals after graduation

    1. Goals Setting
    2. Time Management and Organization
    3. Finding a college
    4. Preparing for college
    5. Transitioning to college
    6. Paying for college

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